4 Professionals Find Success through Free Online Social Media Training

woman taking an online course learning social media marketingMeet Aiko, Sarah, Jason and Max. They’re all trying to find success for their businesses online, but are feeling stuck:

They think social media might be the key (and they’d be right!), but have no idea where to start, aren’t sure they can do it on their own, and might not have the money right now to hire a professional social media marketing agency.

Well, they’re about to go from feeling stuck to finding success on social media for their businesses thanks to Intro to Social Media for Business Growth.

How? Read on.

→ Entrepreneur Aiko started a new business back in early 2020 and all signs point to success — it’s a sought-after service she continued to offer even during Covid-19 and she’s already got some good traction. She knows her business should be on social media, but she’s never done it and has no idea where to start. 

→ Sarah owns a popular eatery in Vancouver. Pre-Covid she had an agency managing her restaurant’s social media and it was going really well — lots of followers, great engagement, and many reservations as a result of social campaigns. But Covid caused business to suffer and she can no longer afford to work with that agency. She wants to keep up social but doesn’t think she can do it on her own. 

→ Independent contractor Jason’s previously-lucrative client list shrank during Covid-19, and now he’s got way less money coming in. He knows that businesses still need his services and that he could be using social media to find them, but is wary of making missteps. He’s got extra time on his hands right now, and wishes there was a way to use that time to figure it all out. 

→ Thankfully Max kept her job during Covid-19, but her employer’s business is struggling. Her boss is looking to her for ideas on how to rebuild the brand and increase sales again, but of course they’ve given her almost no budget to work with. She thinks social might be a good fit (it’s free to get started, after all!) but she doesn’t have any experience with using social media for business growth.

What do they all have in common?

  • Their jobs have changed; their businesses have shifted
  • They have more time on their hands
  • They have less money to work with
  • They think there would be value in social for their businesses 
  • But they’re not sure where to start or how to do it

The solution? Free online social media marketing training

Anyone can DIY social media marketing to grow a business online, so long as they start with a solid plan and learn best practices from a social media marketing expert.

And luckily there’s no shortage of opportunities to learn — for free, online. “Free” means that even a brand-new business or one with no marketing budget at all can take advantage, and “online” means they can do it anywhere, anytime — perfect if they’re stuck self-isolating at home. For example:

  • Google offers free online digital and social media marketing training
  • All the top social media tool providers offer social media marketing courses online, like:
  • Many universities offer online social media marketing training courses (and often they’re free) 
  • Stir Marketing (see below):

Stir Marketing & National Digital Academy created “Intro to Social Media for Business Growth“, an online course for anyone looking to learn about the benefits of social media marketing for their business, and get set-up for success.

To help even more business owners find success for their businesses on social media, Stir Marketing has made the contents of that popular course FREE for all. It can be accessed instantly here: Intro to Social Media for Business Growth.

Through that Intro to Social Media, Aiko began to learn social media from the ground-up, including how to get started on social and create a social strategy to set her on the path to social success. 

Sarah learned how to do what her social media marketing agency used to do for her restaurant: properly set-up and optimize social accounts and publish great social posts to convert social followers into paying guests! 

Jason learned how to properly analyze his target audience (those lucrative new clients) so that he can reach them through best practices social media marketing, and Max learned, among lots else, how to create a social strategy that impresses her boss, and then put it into action.

You should join them. 

Click here to access “Intro to Social Media for Business Growth” — it’s free, instant access, and all-in-one-place.

You’ll be so glad you invested the time into learning about social media for business growth — you’ll see the return-on-investment in social brand buzz, growing fans and followers, engagement and (ultimately!) increased leads, customers and sales.

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