Free Online Course: Intro to Social Media for Business Growth

social media marketing planning classStir Marketing and National Digital Academy created “Intro to Social Media for Business Growth“, an online course for anyone looking to learn about the benefits of social media marketing for their business, and get set-up for success.

(Think: a custom social media marketing strategy, properly optimized social accounts, awesome social posts, best practices engagement, and much, much more).

To help even more business owners find success for their businesses on social media, Stir Marketing has made the contents of that popular course FREE for all. It can be accessed instantly here: Intro to Social Media for Business Growth.

Below, the answers to some common questions about this free online course material:

Who is this course for?

Answer: “Intro to Social Media for Business Growth” is for anyone looking to expand their basic social media marketing skillset to grow their business online — entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, contractors and everyone in between.

It’s an intro-level course, so it’s perfect for those people just getting started in social. (But it’s also a great opportunity for those with more intermediate-level social media marketing skills to make sure they’re not missing any opportunities for social growth.)

And as a FREE on-demand (and all-in-one-place!) online course, even those with small budgets and very little extra time are able to complete it with ease.

Who teaches it?

Answer: This course is taught by Brent Purves, digital marketing consultant for 20 years and counting, and the founder of Stir Marketing.

He has worked with hundreds and hundreds of individuals and businesses from all around the world over the years, helping them to plan, build and implement successful digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses online.

Through material like this free online social media marketing course for beginners, Brent is able to share everything he’s learned over the past two decades so that students can learn to DIY their own success online.

How does it work?

Answer: This is a free, on-demand and all-in-one-place course, meaning you can take it at any time, from any where, and on any device.

How much does it cost?

Answer: It’s free!

What will I learn?

Answer: In short, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started in successful social media marketing for your business, including:

  • social planning
  • goal setting
  • target audience analysis
  • brand messaging review
  • social set-up
  • social posting best practices
  • editorial calendar creation
  • social engagement
  • social advertising
  • avoiding common mistakes
  • measuring success and more.
How will my business benefit?

Answer: It’s guaranteed – your business will benefit from social media marketing, but only if you do it right! This course will help you to do just that, providing a solid foundation for social success. On social, you can build brand buzz, grow your following, foster meaningful engagement, reach your target audience, drive targeted traffic to your website, increase leads and – ultimately – sales!

Access “Intro to Social Media for Business Growth” now.