Sports Tourism Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency

Sports tourism now represents a $7-billion sector of the global travel industry. Make sure your brand stands out in this fast-growing niche market!

Stir Marketing helps established sport tourism companies, sporting event organizations, and sports + experiential travel businesses from all over the world to plan and execute successful digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Our services include:

Who We Work With

  • Sport Tourism Travel Agents
  • Sports Tour Providers
  • Sporting Event Organizers and Promoters
  • Athletes, Teams, Coaches and their Managers
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Clients (Hotels and Resorts)
  • “Celebrity & Nostalgia Sport Tourism” Providers
  • Organizations Specializing in Active Sport Tourism for Athletes and Participants

And each of these client types provides a unique service for a unique kind of traveler. For example, Sports travel and tourism businesses provide highly-specialized services to people traveling with the primary purpose of watching or playing in sport. Where these businesses offer travel services to both fans and players, agencies specializing in active sport tourism provide travel and tourism services for athletes and those involved in the planning and execution of sporting events. Further, sport event tourism organizations focus on getting sports enthusiasts to specific events, like these most popular ones included in National Geographic’s list of the world’s Top 10 most popular:

  • France’s Le Mans
  • The Olympics
  • The Soccer World Cup
  • The Super Bowl
  • The NBA Finals
  • The Masters
  • Wimbledon

The sporting + event hospitality category represents the agencies, host cities, sporting event planners, etc. who are tasked with event promotion, filling stadiums, arenas, courts, and greens, and — really — getting bodies into the seats! Experiential travel experts and “Celebrity Sport Tourism Agencies” provide travel opportunities for people desiring the chance to meet a celebrity athlete or sports figure, while “Nostalgia Sport Tourism Agencies” focus on trips that take sporting fans to see popular, historical or significant sport locations — like famous arenas or sporting Halls of Fame.

And our team at Stir Marketing works with them all, providing world-class digital marketing and advertising services that help them to improve their online presence, increase their social fan following, drive strategically targeted website traffic, build brand buzz, increase event awareness and attendance, sell tickets and tours, and much more.

Why Stir Marketing?

Sports Tourism businesses do well to work with an experienced digital marketing team likes ours because “sports tourism” represents a small niche inside a heavily saturated, exceedingly competitive industry. “Winning” online when there are so many players in the field is hard work.

Further, sports tourism digital marketing combines a need for the urgency of event marketing with the intricacies of travel and tourism marketing — and this can be tricky: How do you know what online brand and following building tactics will work best? And how do you measure ROI to ensure your marketing budget is spent wisely?

That’s where we come in.

Our proven “Plan, Build, Launch + Grow” process ensures that each Stir Marketing campaign is well-planned, built on a solid foundation, optimized for maximum growth and regularly analyzed so that early successes can be grabbed hold of and expanded upon.

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