Movie, TV and Video Digital Marketing 

Are you looking for a digital agency specializing in movie, film, tv and video online marketing and advertising?

Look no further. We can help.

At Stir, our passions for internet marketing, movies and tv combine to help us create and implement world-class campaigns for the entertainment industry. We offer competitive, customized, and integrated strategic plans and solutions that will help you get the word out about your project. Some of the projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Corporate video, Indie film and Hollywood online marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Viral video Youtube and social media promotion
  • Movie website development
  • Movie trailer and corporate video online buzz generation
  • Sweepstakes and contests

Need help developing your movie or video marketing strategy, developing your video, generating social media buzz, increasing video views, or implementing online advertising, contests or email campaigns? Request a free consultation or estimate now

Movie, TV & Video Internet Marketing Services 

We’ll partner with you to provide the following services:

Why choose Stir?

We are Internet marketing experts focused on providing the most comprehensive and cutting edge video and film marketing strategies, tools and websites. We believe that your marketing goals dictate the methods of online promotion you choose, not the other way around. Based on your goals, timeline and budget, Stir will develop a detailed budget, timeline and web marketing strategy that integrates with your overall marketing communications plan. From the development of an initial strategic internet marketing plan to implementation, tracking and maintenance, Stir can leverage your movie web site marketing dollars by out-thinking the competition, not by out-spending them.

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

From full-service movie digital marketing strategic planning to implementation, we’ll help tell your story then share it with the world.

Brand Building 

Build your brand online by connecting with key influencers. Our unique marketing toolset allows us to search for, find, rate, and rank the top social media players, and then connect with them to make use of invaluable (and usually free!) word-of-mouth advertising opportunities.

Promotional Tools

Stir works with a variety of applications designed specifically to build exciting and effective viral promotions and buzz on Facebook, Instagram, X, and other leading social networks. These applications allow us to build unique, customized, and targeted online promotions.


As part of your campaign, you’ll want to see how well your campaign is performing. We use the best reporting and analytics tools to provide you with easy-to-understand, actionable results. You can see what people are saying about your brand and/or your campaign, follow trends, and respond to them.

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