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Digital Marketing Classes and Worshops

Online Workshops and Courses

Learn digital marketing online with our growing number of free and paid online workshops and in-depth courses.  

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Intro To Digital Marketing

Learn about what makes digital marketing such a good investment, get an overview of a variety of key digital marketing tactics (including strategic planning, website optimization, SEO, social media, digital ads, content and email marketing and more), and come away able to choose the right tactics for your company to pursue now.

Max Your Digital Marketing Score

Take the free digital marketing assessment and then join us for this hands-on workshop where you can learn 5 things you can do right now to improve your company’s digital marketing score. We’ll review the Digital Marketing Assessment Quick Wins Cheatsheet in detail so that you’ll have all the information you need to improve your company’s digital marketing score.

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Intro to Strategic Digital Marketing Planning

Maybe you’re brand new to the idea of strategic planning, or maybe you have a Digital Marketing Strategy but know that now is the time to revise it to respond to today’s changing global climate. Either way, this course is for you. Review all the key components of a comprehensive strategic plan so that you can begin to create a built-for-success strategy for your own company.

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Custom / Private Online Marketing Training

Does your organization have a unique digital marketing online training need? We offer custom online training.