Intro to Digital Marketing
(Online Workshop) 

Intro To Digital Marketing

(Online Training Workshop WS101)

Learn about what makes digital marketing such a good investment, get an overview of a variety of key digital marketing tactics (including strategic planning, website optimization, SEO, social media, digital ads, content and email marketing and more), and come away able to choose the right tactics for your company to pursue now.


  • 2-hour on-demand video instruction
  • Workbook provided


  • $79 – Waitlist Subscribers: $29


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Online Courses & Training FAQ’s

Who should take this online course?
How do I select a course?
What are your Terms and Conditions?
Who should take this online course?

Students join our online digital marketing courses for a wide variety of reasons. They come from diverse backgrounds, age groups and professions. By taking digital marketing courses online you can

  • Improve your digital marketing knowledge, experience and abilities
  • Further your education
  • Bolster your resume
  • Prepare for a career advancement or role change
  • Take control of your company’s own online marketing

Whatever your reason for taking internet marketing training online, you’ll be free to work and study when and where you like 24/7 365.

How do I select a course?

You can select a course by viewing our online course catalogue. If you’re not sure which course might be best for you, reach out to a course advisor to discuss options and get help choosing the best training for you.

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