Social Media Management, Posting and Curation Services

Does your company need help with social media management, social posting or engagement? Do you need social curation or training to learn how to manage your own social media campaigns?

Our social media team can help with online training, planning, social content curation, writing, posting and engagement!

  • Ensure branding is consistent and engaging across all social channels
  • Explore what your competitors are doing well so that you can do better
  • Investigate which tone and style works best with your target audience
  • Generate well-written and meaningful content to engage clients
  • Design tailor-made social strategies unique to each social network
  • Create a clear and effective monthly social posting Editorial Calendar
  • Execute timely and topical push-outs, including promotions, interactions, and recruitment
  • Monitor Return-On-Investment (ROI) with the latest tracking and reporting tools
  • Leverage your social presence with recommended opportunities for other marketing strategies
  • Provide monthly curated social media posts and images

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In today’s global marketplace a strong social media presence can be a game-changer for businesses and non-profit organizations.The popularity of social networks around the world provides limitless potential to connect with clients and potential clients, establishing your brand as a trusted resource while building loyalty through relationship.

The art behind exceptional social media management services is understanding how to establish an ongoing conversation through social media that will resonate with your target demographic, set you apart from your competition, and generate business.

Our success is yours

Stir provides strategy, online training, implementation, and management services for businesses and non-profit organizations. Our Vancouver-based social media professionals have achieved success for hundreds of clients around the world over the past 12 years. We offer demonstrated expertise for all leading social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and more.

We work with companies in Canada, the United States, and internationally on full-service social network marketing. Our social media management services include social editorial calendars, social writing and posting, social engagement, Follower and Fan building, social contests, promotions and sweepstakes, social media coaching and consulting, social media advertising and media buying, video marketing, online reputation management, digital PR, and content / blog writing.

Focus, planning, and timing are key

Successful social media management is more than just communicating regularly through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a company blog. It is essential to have a social media plan and monthly ongoing execution of that plan that integrates into a company’s overall business and marketing strategy.

There is value in having your company’s full service social network marketing professionally managed by Stir. We will help to maximize your potential online.

Social Media Management Services Overview

Our social media marketing managers, writers, designers and programmers will work with your business to plan, develop, implement and manage a custom social media strategy. We’ll develop your social media editorial calendar, research, write and let you pre-approve your social posts, implement social media sweepstakes, contests, giveaways and coupon promotions, build and engage with your fans and followers, increase exposure through strategic geographically-targeted social media advertising, integrate your social media marketing campaign with your other online and offline marketing and advertising activities, ensure consistent branding across your website and social media profiles, and provide detailed monthly analytics and ROI reporting.

We work hard to ensure every social media campaign is well thought out. We build a solid foundation for social media success in five steps:

1. Create your social media strategy

We will create and implement a social media marketing and/or advertising strategy that can be evaluated with measurable ROI based on your business goals.

2. Build your social networks

Our social media experts will handle everything from setup and design to managing your social network accounts. We offer expertise for all the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

3. Protect your online reputation

Building your brand online is only part of the equation; how you respond to and interact with happy or disgruntled customers can impact how your business is perceived very quickly. Stir will monitor and manage your online reputation, using positive public relations strategies to ensure any potential clients who search for you online will be impressed by what they see.

4. Grow and engage your audience

We will grow your social media audience, engage with your fans/followers, cross promote your social network channels, and drive your fans and followers to your website. Our goal is to help generate business through qualified leads and increased conversions.

5. Track and report your results

We will track and report your social media campaigns and report the results monthly so you will be able to evaluate the success of each campaign.