Online Advertising Management Services

At Stir, we don’t just dabble in occasional digital advertising — it’s what we do every day.

“We thrive on helping our clients to reach their online growth goals and we do it by combining our 16+ years of experience with up-to-the-minute digital ad trends and best practices and the top tools.”

Are you considering a search advertising campaign for your brand or business this year? Let’s talk!

PPC Search Ads are the most common type of Paid Search Ad (or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)). Other Paid Search Ad types include:

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM)

What are they?

While Native and Display Ads are visual (ie: images, graphics and/or video), Search Ads are text-based only and appear at the top/side of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). There’s so much value in Search Ads because they happen right away — you don’t have to wait for your business’ SEO tactics to help your brand appear in the SERP’s organic listings.

Search Ads will help you to reach future clients and customers at precisely the right time — while those people are searching for keywords related to your business. Further, search engines (Google, Bing + Yahoo) offer comprehensive audience targeting, the ability to set your own budget, and a wealth of data — actionable data (via detailed analytics) to measure your ROI.

It’s simple: Well-built Search Ads work.
They’ll help your brand to:

  • Drive targeted website traffic
  • Increase leads and conversions

And the proof is in the pudding . . . 

Below are just a few of the results we’ve helped our clients to achieve recently via Paid Search Ads:

Multi-National University

  • 132% CTR (Click Through Rate) increase
  • 18% CPC (Cost Per Click) decrease
  • 1000% total conversions increase

Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)

  • 3 million ad impressions driving over 22,000 new website sessions

Developer / Property Management Firm

  • 23% increase in website sessions in 1-month
  • 41% increase in organic search engine traffic

Travel/Tourism Organization

  • 6 million brand impressions and 30,000 website visits
  • Google search conversion rate 23.9%

Would your business benefit from similar results?

If you’re ready to have a team of certified digital advertising experts setup or take over the management of your search advertising campaign, contact the Stir Marketing team today. Ask about receiving a free consultation or detailed custom digital advertising proposal.