Digital Marketing Strategy Checklist

Get started developing your company’s strategic digital marketing plan with this free checklist

Are you a brand manager or business owner without an updated, detailed, custom-built strategic digital marketing plan? Then this free ebook is for you. It’s simple: You need a digital marketing strategy to achieve success online. The best part? You can create that digital marketing strategy yourself!

Download the checklist now to ensure that your strategy includes all the most important elements.

This strategic marketing plan checklist contains the following sections:

  • PLAN: Create your strategy for success
  • REACH: Build brand awareness
  • EDUCATE & MOTIVATE: Connect with target audiences; generate leads
  • 4. PERSUADE & CONVERT: Convert leads into customers
  • 5. RETAIN & ENGAGE: Make happy customers for repeat business; build brand ambassadors
  • 6. MEASURE: Analyze KPIs and revise tactics as necessary. Repeat often!

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Why do I need to fill out the info requested?

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